The new Coronavirus (Covid-19) is something that everyone is aware of by now.

Every yacht charter broker has had questions from clients on whether they should cancel their existing reservation or if they should even book a yachting vacation. We are here to give you the information you need to make an informed decision in a daily changing atmosphere.

Today, we just finished a blog post on Coronavirus and your yacht charter, read it here. (April 16th, 2020)

We are happy to give our individual clients daily updated information on what would be the best area, or type of vacation or insurance to purchase for your yacht charter.

Normal Cancellation Insurance no longer will cover the Coronavirus. For any new bookings, “Cancel For Any Reason” Insurance is required. We are happy to quote your group cancellation insurance. With the daily changing conditions H2O Luxury Yachts is currently recommending this insurance for all new bookings.

Many owners and yacht managers are allowing us to place a clause in new contracts protecting you against Coronavirus affecting your vacation.