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Will different Yacht Brokers have different prices for yachts?

All brokers get the same commission rates from the yachts. Emailing a hundred different brokers to get the best price is not a good strategy. Brokers and yachts who do..

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What is my relationship with a yacht charter broker?

Loosely this brings you to your part! You arrive at a website like H2O Luxury Yachts. Each Yacht Brokerage has its own set of boats that they “prefer” booking. Their..

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Why do most sites seem to have the same yacht search engines?

Many have the same yacht search engines as there are only a few of them IN the industry, and each one seems to deal with different segments of the yachts...

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What is a Yacht Clearinghouse?

A Yacht Clearinghouse is different than a broker, and every boat will (should) have one. The Yacht Clearinghouse role is to be a go-between the boat and the broker. They..

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Do Charter Brokers own the yachts they offer?

It will help you if you think of charter yacht brokers as travel agents who specialize in yacht vacations. Most charter brokers do not “own” any yachts, but specialize in..

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Who owns the charter yachts?

Yachts are either privately owned or part of a fleet. Mainly an owner decides that he wants to offer his yacht for charter for whatever reason. He or She has..

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