Sample Cuba Itinerary

H2O Luxury Yachts Sample Cuba Itinerary

Things to Do From a Luxury Yacht in Cuba

Cuba Itinerary Day 1

You’ll find absolutely no shortage of things to do from a luxury yacht in Cuba. Board your private charter in the colorful, boisterous capital city of Havana. Head to the infamous La Floridita for a signature mojito and a Cuban cigar.

See the city through Hemmingway’s eyes at social spots like El Patio or La Bodeguita del Medio. Salsa dance at street cafes and get lost in the city’s squares as you see the locals come alive at night.

Day 2

Soak in the Cuban coastline on the short trip from Havana to Bahia de Cabanas. Enjoy lunch alfresco on the upper deck of your private yacht before taking the water toys out for a spin. Use the snorkeling or diving gear to see Cuba from below. Head to land to explore the idyllic town of Cabanas for a late dinner and dancing.

Day 3

Day 3 of your Cuba Itinerary begins by cruising westward along the coastline to the tranquil beaches of Cayo Levisa. Rent a kayak in town to see Cuba’s mangroves from a different perspective. Bring your snorkel gear along to experience the protected, undeveloped waters.

Day 4

Sit back and relax as your captain and crew navigate your yacht to a cay known for Spanish shipwrecks and a plethora of starfish — Cayo Jutias. Take in the colorful reefs and variety of sea life with a morning snorkel. When you’re ready to relax, enjoy dinner from your private deck whilst soaking in views of the lighthouse and crystalline coastline.

Day 5

You’ll reach the pique of relaxation on the deserted, well-preserved beaches of Cayo di Buonavista. Fill your day with yoga on the yacht deck, if provided by the crew, and a gourmet picnic ashore. As far as tropical escapes go, Cayo di Buonavista encompasses the peace and privacy sought out by so many.

Day 6

Your captain will drop anchor in the sheltered harbor of Cayo Largo del Sur on the journey back to Havana. Head ashore to chat with Cuban fisherman and soak in the resort-style amenities along Cuba’s southern coast.

If shaking off your skivvies is your thing, head to the nude beach for a day of relaxation with fellow tourists. As Cuba continues to rise in popularity, Cayo Largo del Sur has become recognized as having the country’s top beaches.

Day 7

Fill the last four hours aboard your private yacht with a soak in the jacuzzi or sightseeing from the upper deck. Once you arrive in Havana from Cayo Largo del Sur, spend a few days in Cuba’s most famous city. Hop into a ‘50s convertible to see the colorful city like it’s intended. We recommend soaking in as many mojitos and cohibas as you can before heading home.

This finished your 7 days in Cuba. Remember this is a sample Cuba Itinerary and can be changed to meet your wants.

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