Kimberley Australia Yacht Charters are going to take you off the beaten path! Western Australia only has 1.8 million people, and most of those are living around Perth, which is 2500 kilometers away from the Kimberley’s. Kimberley is a real adventure cruise on an exclusive charter with some of the most stunningly beautiful landscapes in the world.

Map of Australia H2O Luxury Yachts
Map of Australia. The Kimberleys is in the far North West

What can you do in The Kimberley’s?

The Kimberley Region is three times the size of England! It’s known for large swaths of wilderness defined by rugged ranges, dramatic gorges, semi-arid savanna, and mostly isolated coastline.

  • Fish for Barramundi
  • Eat Fresh Oysters off the Rocks
  • Visit ancient rock art paintings that may date back 40,000 years
  • Tropical Rain Forest
  • Whirlpools
  • Visit Sandstone Gorge
  • Enjoy the pearling history in the port of Broome. This has fascinated me ever since I read the “White Divers of Broome” by John Bailey. A wonderful read about the early days.
  • Get “kind of” up close and personal with Crocodiles.
  • Visit Waterfalls- in the middle of the ocean even including horizontal falls
  • Dine under 5 billion stars that are so close you think you could reach out and touch them
  • Visit ancient swimming holes
  • Tropic Tides among the largest in the world
Kimberley Australia Yacht Charters H2O Luxury Yachts Gibb River Road
Gibb River Road in the Northern Kimberley's

Keep in mind because of the large distances, it is better to do the Northern Kimberley’s in a week’s charter and the Southern Kimberley’s in another week’s charter. Or, pick up your yacht charter in Perth and swim with wild dolphins and visit Australian Sea Lions. We are happy to help you plan the perfect holiday for your family.

Tell me about the private charter yachts in the Kimberley’s?

The luxury yacht I want to present to you today is called AKIKO. Akiko means “at a distance from home,” a traditional Maori translation from her country of origin, New Zealand. “Yacht Akiko is expedition-style with an interior that is both strikingly-modern and invitingly-luxurious. Akiko is versatile and can enter small bays, anchor behind coral atolls, or take you game-fishing over reefs.” Expert local guides can customize the perfect itinerary for your group. Sleeping eight to ten guests, although six adults with two children are the most ideal, the 110′ Akiko carries six crew onboard to take care of you.

Montgomery Reef Western Australia H2O Luxury Yachts
Montgomery Reef in The Kimberleys

Akiko’s Expedition Yacht Cabins

  1. Akiko’s main deck features a VIP Double Cabin with a King-size bed, full-beam facing aft.
  2. The Bridge deck features the Master Cabin with King-Size Bed, full-beam facing forward.
  3. On the Lower Deck 2 x Twin Cabins Including one bunk bed and a single each (no Pullman).
  4. And a double cabin, full Beam facing aft.

Akiko has been traveling the West Coast of Australia from the Coral Coast to Kimberley’s since 2017, and the owners and crew are passionate about sharing their knowledge of the area. Akiko is a very kid-friendly team and yacht with an Adventurous or not program as you would like. The artwork on board covers Melanesia, Australian Aboriginal, and a general Pacific feel. All cabins are ensuite and themed with beautiful authentic aboriginal art.

What is the week-long Kimberley Cruise Rates?

Year-Round Rates for seven nights is USD 105,000. On top of this, we add a 10% tax in Australia, APA at 30%, and crew gratuity. This yacht is available on the AUSTRALIAN WEST COAST including PERTH, KIMBERLEY, ABROLHOS ISLANDS, MONTEBELLO ISLANDS (fishing, game fishing, diving, shipwrecks, hiking, reef experiences) Akiko has plenty of tenders and water sport toys on board, but depending on your destination choice in Western Australia will determine what can be used where.

Cape Leveque Kimberley Australia Yacht Charters Akiko H2O Luxury Yachts
Cape Leveque in Western Australia
Kimberleys Australia Yacht Charter Kangaroo H2O Luxury Yachts
So?...What are you waiting for? Let's get hopping!

How do I book my Kimberley Yacht Charter?

Please note: As of June 23rd, 2020, the borders are still closed to flying into Australia. Until the borders reopen, this is only available to book for guests already in Australia. Check with us for the newest updated information. Contact H2O Luxury Yachts Telephone us on 0419-094-708 Check out some of our yachts that are available in Australia, and let’s get out and enjoy the beauty that is close to home.

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