Thinking about a place filled with natural beauty and ancient history surrounded by water? Without a doubt, Greece fits the bill perfectly. Ancient Greece is the birthplace of many artists, philosophers, and expert scientists who have played an essential role in the world. And let’s not forget the food. Mmmmm, olive oil, cheese, honey, bread, Opa! Moreover, Greece is famous around the world because of its beauty. And what better way to experience the Greek culture than with Greece yacht charters?

About the Greek Islands

Beautiful Greece all surrounded by water and warm Mediterranean climate is the perfect destination for everyone. The village dotted house against the crystal-clear water which shines so bright during the daylight that you will forget everything when you see it. The sunsets here are no doubt a romantic and beautiful setting for all the couples out there.

Places to See on your Greece Yacht Charter

Being the top destination for newlyweds for a romantic environment, Greece also welcomes family and friends to enjoy the natural beauty of water. Here are some top spots for your Greece yacht charter.

  • Santorini island has a spectacular scenery for the yacht charterers. Cruising above the deep blue sea with crystal clear water this island is a beauty in today’s world. You will feel yourself in an enchantment.
Santorini Greece Yacht itinerary
  • Mykonos island is the perfect spot for those who want the sun to be around Want to get yourself a tan or just relax on the yacht in pure sunlight? This place will not disappoint you.
Mykonos Greece Charters
  • Culture-rich Crete is the biggest island of Greece and the main attraction for tourists. Surrounded by huge mountains, you will totally be speechless. Here you will find many top restaurants to eat and drink and also don’t forget to do fishing here.
Crete Greece Charter Boat
  • Samos island is a shoutout destination for those who are looking for ancient sites and historic information. A total reflection of natural beauty where there are sandy beaches, pine forests and olive groves.
Samos Greece
Picture thanks to Wikipedia
  • Folégandros Island literally attracts couples from all around the world due to its romantic setting. The weather, deep blue waters and the millions of stars at night is nothing compared to what you are reading.
Folégandros Island
  • Lefkáda Island is the unspoiled destination with a mild climate and beautiful beaches. It is behind a steep cliff where people can enjoy sunbathing and the kids can build sandcastles.
Lefkáda Greece

How to Get Around The Greek Islands

The best and most recommended solution is to hire a yacht so you can move around independently. There are also different facilities of boats and ferries but with your own booked yacht you can explore the water on your own and find all the cool spots to spend your time.

Best time for a Greece Yacht Charter

The best time is from April to mid-June and September to mid-October. July and August will have the peak number of tourists. Try and plan just outside the high season.

Yachts We Charter from Greece

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Get ready to experience the best Greek yacht charter experience of your life.

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