Greece Yacht Charter FAQ Want to visit Greece by yacht? The Greek Islands may just be the ultimate sailing destination and sees more visitors than any other location.

Are there fully crewed and inclusive yacht charters like the Caribbean?

Only to a degree. In Greece, unless you are booking a bareboat ( with no crew) the crew will be included in your weekly charter fee. With your final payment, you will pay a % of the charter fee which covers the food, beverages, fuel, and all other costs besides the crew on your charter. This amount is flexible depending on the type of yacht you are on. Motor Yachts have a higher percentage, up to 35% as they burn fuel. Sailing Catamarans typically ask for 20-25% with the final payment.

The Yacht Captain and crew keep an accounting of all costs during the week and you can view it at any time. Any leftover amount can be given to the crew as a gratuity or can be transferred back to you. If you have drunk Greece dry of Ouzo you just very well owe more!

Greece Yacht Charter

How long does a typical Greek Charter last?

Most of the bareboats and sailing yachts and catamarans do run for seven nights. In season ( July and August) it is NOT likely that you will find yachts do less than 7 nights, but you are likely to find yachts that offer ten and fourteen-night charters.

How far out should I book my Greek Yacht Charter?

When I am writing this it is late August. We are already booking charters for next summer and fall in Greece. 12 months out is an average. Remember the best yachts at the best rates tend to go first.

When is high season for yacht charters in Greece?

Contrary to the Caribbean, the pricing is different. In the Caribbean, it is often based on the number of guests on board and the time of the year you are taking your trip. In Greece, you will find one price no matter how many people you have on your yacht. July and August are high seasons, Mid May through June and September are mid or shoulder season and our of that is low season. 

This is also variable as some yachts have a different price for every week in the summer. The only sure way to know the price is to inquire with us at H2O

Most yachts do not run earlier than April or later than mid- October.

When are the best values for Greek Sailing Holidays?

Check out the last half of June and the first half of September. You have several advantages picking a yacht at that time. The prices will be lower. The water will be just about as warm as high-season. The crowds will be less. That gives YOU more room to tie up at the quays on the islands and enjoy all the amenities possible!

Do the charter rates include the VAT?

No. VAT is extra on your Greek Yacht Charter. Currently 11-12% it will be whatever is in force at the time your final payment is made and is added to the final payment. This is due on the charter fee only, not the provisioning allowance that will be due with final payment.

If a yacht charters in different countries in the Mediterranean, the VAT will change depending on the country the charter is based in.

Can I “hold” a yacht while making a decision?

Unlike the Caribbean in Greece, “holding” a yacht means you are going to contract. You are already past the stage of deciding what boat you want. First come, first serve with getting a signed contract and deposit in. The earlier you start planning your Greek Charter, the better chance you are going to have that the great boat you have your eye on will be available when you are ready to book your charter.

When are payments due for your Greek Yacht Charter?

This does depend a bit on the type of yacht, but for the typical sailing catamaran, you would look at putting down 50% of the charter yacht fee upon booking the yacht, and the balance, along with provisioning costs and VAT will be due at 60 days out.

Larger motor yachts will be 25% to confirm the charter, 25% is due at 6 months out and the balance is due at 60 days out.

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Can I pay in USD for my Greek Charter Yacht Vacation?

In General, NO. All payments have to be paid by wire transfer from your bank in Euros to our Euro account. This protects everyone from fluctuating currency figures and we have to pay the yacht managers in Euros to their holding account.

Do you anchor out every night on a yacht charter in Greece?

No. In Greece, it is much more typical to pull up and end your day at an island tied up to the historic quay which is centered around a perfect, historic town with cobblestone roads and tavernas and restaurants to enjoy the ambiance.

Do you eat all your meals abroad in Greece?

You can. But I don’t suggest you do! Dinners out at the tavernas and restaurants enjoying the entertainment and cuisine which differs from island to island is truly a memorable experience and half the dining fun in Greece. It is common to have breakfast onboard, lunch, or snacks and enjoy the main meal ashore.

Do I get a preference sheet to fill out?

Definitely! Part of the fun is filling out your preference sheet on what you want to be stocked on board the yacht and the type of meals you want. I always suggest leaving room for your Greek chef to use their greek recipes. You will be pleasantly surprised. Greek Fare tends to be hearty and solid with plenty of seafood.

Are there one-way charters available to different locations in Greece?

Yes, indeed if you have particular places you want to see, it may be the only way. Many yachts do go back and forth to their homeport marina, but if you have longer than seven nights to spend on charter, it becomes easier to find yachts willing to do a one-way charter.

Greece has over 2000 islands and only 170 or so are inhabited. You can take a lifetime’s worth of yacht charters to Greece and never see them all. They span about 51,000 square miles! One-Way charters typically will go between main areas with many leaving from Athens to another area.

From which locations can you take a charter yacht in Greece?

Obviously, Athens and the area are the most popular. The following spots all have yachts available to charter from as well. Corfu, Rhodes, Lavrion, Lefkada, Mykonos, Santorini, and smaller venues with fewer options.

Greece Acropolos Rhodes

What are the different areas available to charter in Greece?

the Cyclades, the Saronic Gulf, the Dodecanese, the Sporades, and the Ionian Islands. Five different cruising areas and all places of extreme beauty, hundreds of islands, beautiful sandy beaches, traditional harbors, and small ports. Every place is totally different from the other.

Cyclades: The picture-perfect postcard capital of Greece with stunning islands of blue and white architecture, unspoiled white beaches, and sparkling turquoise water. This area is where one must watch the Meltemi Winds in the summer.

Ionian Sea: The more tranquil and verdant Ionian Sea and islands are enjoyed by those who want easier sailing in predictable winds with a mix of traditional harbors and beautiful beaches. Perfect for your luxury catamaran trip.

Dodecanese: Looking for Greek history and traditions, ancient archaeological sites, and Medieval monuments plus a myriad of beaches these islands run down the always-visible coastline of Turkey. 

Saronic Gulf, Argolic, and The Peloponnese: This area has well-protected anchorages and short, easy sailing distances. While close to bustling Athens one feels a lifetime away: picturesque islands & coast with peaceful, pretty seaside towns and villages, and beautiful bays.

Sporades: Do you want to get really off the Beaten Track?  These islands are off the north-eastern Greek coastline with great natural beauty and wonderful beaches, lush green vegetation, rocky landscapes, and a pure blue shimmering sea for you to enjoy.

Can you SCUBA dive from your yacht in Greece?

Very few yachts are equipped with onboard SCUBA in Greece. Going with a local operator is highly recommended.

What is the Water and Air Temperature in Greece?

Air Temperatures range from a low of 66 degrees in April and November to a high of near 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July And August

Water Temperatures range from a low of 58 degrees in March (!) to close to 80 degrees in July.

Do I have to worry about the Meltemi strong Winds?

It is a consideration in the summer months, in the Cyclades, and especially on a sailing catamaran. We have done an entire blog post here to help you understand how the Meltemi Winds may affect your sailing experience and itinerary.

Local Knowledge is the key and all our professional skippers can minimize the effects on your crewed yacht.

Greek Yacht Charters FAQ Water temperature

I hope you have enjoyed our quick Greece Yacht Charter FAQ. Ask us below for anything else you would like and let’s get to planning!
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