Sail Away with Hemingway

Head back in time to the infamous mobster’s paradise and the modern day mecca for rich history and laid-back living. Travel to and from Cuba has never been easier, especially aboard your luxury yacht. When the trip from the states to Havana is less than 15 hours by yacht, you’ll be sipping mojitos and smoking a Cuban before you know it. Cruise around Cuba in style aboard a private yacht charter.

Book an adventure back to the 1950s that starts with a modern yacht equipped with every luxury imaginable. While it may be hard to leave the comfort of your private ship, Cuba’s rich history and strong cocktails make it all worth it.  

¿Qué tal? Yachting.

Once the anchor is dropped and you’ve swapped dollars for CUCs, go straight from your private yacht to a pink vintage convertible and prepare for the kindness of the Cuban people.

Whether you tango out front a street cafe or take a guided tour of the mafia hotspots, the charm of the 1950s will prove Cuba as the perfect yachting destination.

cuba yachting destination
Historic streets of Cuba

Yacht Back in Time to Cuba’s Colorful History

You’ve come for the vintage sights and bright character of the Cuban coast. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Plaza Vieja and the little streets of Havana.

After hours of peace and quiet on the yacht. It’s time to swap flip flops for walking shoes and explore the island straight out of a movie. Start with bustling plazas in the central city then venture out to Hemingway’s idyllic house, Finca Vigía. Catch a pro-league baseball game at Estadio Latinoamericano.

Spend your nights exploring the Malecón, Cuba’s version of the Vegas strip that lines the Havana coast. Sip rum against the colorful backdrop on your way to La Zorra y El Cuervo, Cuba’s notorious club for fabulous music and endless dancing.

Explore an Island Untouched by Modern Living

The luxurious amenities available aboard the yacht are a stark contrast to the vintage yet timeless sights and attractions Cuba has to offer. Be one of the first of your friends and family to cruise around Cuba by yacht. Set foot on Cuban soil and smoke a *legal* Cuban cigar. It just doesn’t get better than that!

Cruising around Cuba is a must for every traveler’s bucket list, and there’s no better time than now to climb aboard a luxury yacht and make the trip.

Sample Itinerary for Luxury Yacht in Cuba