Catamaran Charter Croatia Review Sailing from Split to Dubrovnik this summer on Good Mood, a 2021 Lagoon 46′ with Captain Marko and our family of 5.

Croatia Catamaran in Split rows of catamarans on the dock
Picking up our Catamaran in Split

Captain and Chef on Good Mood

Our Captain and Chef truly exceeded our expectations, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Captain Marko, a youthful and relaxed captain with a knack for interacting with children (he has two of his own), gave us the impression that he would be fantastic with party guests as well.

Our chef went above and beyond to ensure that every meal was not only delicious for the adults but also catered to the children’s tastes, which we wholeheartedly appreciated.

The Good Mood Lagoon 46 was impeccably clean and in excellent condition throughout our journey.

Boy on a catamaran trampoline. Croatia Catamaran Review
Sailing in Croatia between Split and Dubrovnik on Good Mood Catamaran

Croatia Catamaran Insights

Allow me to share some insights and recommendations based on our memorable Catamaran voyage in Croatia.

In the month of August, we were greeted by sparkling waters, with temperatures hovering around a delightful 80 degrees. While we did come across a few sandy beaches, the majority of the coastline featured charming pebble beaches.

Floating in the crystal-clear waters was an effortless and refreshing experience, indicative of a rather high salt content.

Among all the places we visited, the mini-walled city of Korcula left the most lasting impression on us. However, Hvar was our least favorite stop due to its overwhelming touristy vibe.

Korcula Croatia, Croatia Catamaran Review
Korcula Croatia. Croatia Catamaran Review

We anchored at Pakleni Island, closer to Hvar and considered a fun party cove. From there, we took a water taxi to Hvar for the evening.

A day on each end in Split and Dubrovnik is all you need in each location; in Dubrovnik, we found we had to get out walking before the cruise ship hoards arrived. There are 1100 steps to get up on the walls, but the view is outstanding.

The average travel between locations is 2-3.5 hours per day, so we found the distance slightly longer than the British Virgin Islands.

Pakleni Island famous party anchorage by Hvar
Pakleni Island is a famous party anchorage by Hvar

Are you thinking about embarking on a yacht charter in Croatia? We’re delighted to assist you in making your voyage memorable.

HVAR boasts two extensive and efficiently managed marinas, both offering an array of additional amenities, such as water toys, fishing equipment, and more. These can be conveniently rented at the last minute to enhance your charter experience.

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FUN FAQ Croatia

Croatia shares its borders with Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Given its EU membership, it enforces stricter border controls with Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, which are not part of the European Union.

With over 1,200 islands scattered along its 3,600-mile coastline, Croatia offers a diverse and picturesque seascape.

The oldest settlement in Croatia, Stari Grad, dates back to the 4th century BC and can be found on the island of Hvar.

Croatia boasts a unique architectural blend of Greek and Roman influences, with an abundance of stunning white buildings dotting its landscapes.

Croatians are renowned for their warm and hospitable nature, often expressed in their lively and expressive manner of speaking. Their animated conversations can sometimes be mistaken for heated arguments due to their exuberant gestures and facial expressions.

During the summer months, Croatia comes alive with a multitude of cultural and electronic music festivals.

Dalmatian Dogs derive their name from the Croatian region of Dalmatia, where they originate.

Don’t you think it is time that you lived your own Croatia Catamaran Review?

Dubrovnik to Split Itinerary

Korcula City in the background of a Samson post
Korcula City