Coronavirus and Yacht Charters What You Need To Know. The new Coronavirus (Covid-19) is something that everyone is aware of by now.
Every yacht charter broker has had questions from clients on whether they should cancel their existing reservation or if they should even book a yachting vacation. We are all hoping, of course, that this illness will go away with warmer weather and resolves sooner than later.

New Caledonia H2O Luxury yachts
New Caledonia H2O Luxury yachts

H2O Luxury Yachts are here to answer any concerns you may have. We are here to work with each one of our clients to ensure their yachting holiday is the best it can be.

We attended a Yacht Charter Show in the Bahamas this previous weekend. Exceptional timing with 73 yacht charter brokers from around the world. They represented everything from very small sail yachts to very large explorer yachts.
This allowed us to talk in person, share experiences and thoughts on how to handle this.

Is it safe to go on a charter vacation?

We all know that the recommendations are changing daily. As an industry, we are all working together to make sure that our response is flexible and proactive. Anchored offshore on your very own self-contained superyacht that you reach by private plane or helicopter puts you at low risk of coming into contact with anyone who may carry the illness. All our captains and crew are working hard to put new protocols and measures in place to safeguard guests. It is impossible to say that a yacht charter is completely risk-free, but yachts are able to offer more safety than hotels or cruise ships.

Coronavirus and Yacht Charters What You Need To Know.
Coronavirus and Yacht Charters What You Need To Know.

On a yacht, you will get privacy, limited contact with the public, impeccable cleanliness, hygienic environments, and strict protocols. You can choose your cruising grounds to keep away from high-risk areas. Days spent at anchor enjoying the clear blue warm water, fresh air, and onboard facilities will keep you a world away from whatever is happening on land.

Days spent SCUBA diving or snorkeling will have you NOT thinking about anything that is happening above the water. Do you realize how refreshing that is?

What happens if I have to cancel my yacht charter because of Coronavirus?

There are quite a few factors that can play into this scenario and each case is different. We work with each yacht manager and owner, depending on the particular circumstances of your scenario.
Some factors that play into this are:

  • When did you sign your charter contract? Was it before the coronavirus was well known?
  • Did you purchase “cancel for any reason insurance” on your trip?
  • Where are you going for your charter vacation? And where are you coming from?
  • When are you leaving for your vacation?
  • What level of risk the CDC in the United States
  • or the WHO ( World Health Organization) has rated the area

Yacht Charter Managers and Owners are all doing their best to have the least disruption possible for your vacation. Many yacht owners are happy to switch your charter dates to another time in the next year if it becomes necessary. There are many “relaxed” cancellation or rescheduling directives from my main suppliers

We recommend Cancel For Any Reason Insurance on New Yacht Charter Bookings

All insurance companies have now excluded Coronavirus as a covered event in new policies. But, SQUAREMOUTH ( our insurance company) has implemented information and a guide for those who are interested in purchasing the best cancellation policy they possibly can at this time.

  1. Coverage for Travel Delay
  2. Missed Connection
  3. Coverage for Trip Interruption

There is still a “cancel for any reason” insurance that you purchase within 14 days of your FIRST payment on the trip. You must also take insurance coverage on 100% of your prepaid travel costs, including airline fees, and cancel your trip at least two days before you leave for your motor yacht.

Find out more today from CNN on when and what you are covered for with travel insurance. Find out more today from CNN on when and what you are covered for with travel insurance.

Super Yacht Vacation in The Bahamas
Super Yacht Vacation in The Bahamas

Will the Yacht Charter Contract protect me if I book now?

Contact us! Not only can we quote you cancel for any reason insurance, but many owners and yacht managers are allowing us to put an additional clause in the contract. This clause will protect your vacation in the case of Coronavirus affecting it.

As Charter Yacht Brokers, we are on your side and will do everything in our power to negotiate the circumstances that suit you the best. Our service is before, during, and after your sailing vacation.

Daily Changing Conditions

We all know that this is an everyday changing situation. I won’t go into the things you can do to protect yourself, such as avoiding touching your eyes and face or covering coughs or sneezes; the health organizations have plenty of resources in the links I gave you earlier. Trip Insurance is strongly encouraged currently for everyone booking a yacht charter vacation no matter whether it is this summer or next winter. Check out our FAQ On Booking A Yacht Charter

Bare Boat Yacht Charters in the US Virgin Islands

The Caribbean and Coronavirus with Yacht Charters

There has been as of today (March 12th, 2020) NO confirmed cases. However, French Guiana reported five cases of COVID-19 while Martinique confirmed two cases. The cases were in addition to three previous cases — two in St. Martin and one in Saint Barthelemy — along with one confirmed case in the Dominican Republic. So it is near.

The British Virgin Islands government has implemented a health form that every traveler entering into the Territory will have to fill out. There will be temperature checks at the border. In addition, if you are bareboating as the Master of the Vessel if on a boat and the Captain of your crewed yacht charter this form must be filled out.

UPDATE: April 3rd, 2020. All of the Caribbean is currently under lockdown and NO charters or cruising boat movement is happening currently. 

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We are here for our clients. We care about everyone’s safety!

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