Kerry Hucul

Ventana Catamaran offers $3000 discount

Full Board Charter- Virgin Islands!

Ventana Catamaran Guests having FUN!

Between January 20th and Feb 14th, 2020 up to ten guests can enjoy a fully crewed and inclusive yacht vacation in the Virgin Islands!

7-night rates for this Ventana Catamaran! (6-night charters can be prorated)

  • 2 pax $17,500
  • 4 pax $19,000
  • 6 pax $20,500
  • 8 pax $22,000
  • 10 pax $22,500

What are the toys available onboard Ventana Catamaran?

  • Tube
    Sub Wing
    Big floating mat
  • Onboard WiFi limited, no streaming, please.
    Wide projection screen for movies
    Playstation 4 for kids of all ages
Ventana Catamaran $3000 discount!

Additional Online Brochure on Ventana Catamaran

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