Kerry Hucul

Elixir Catamaran $1000 discount

  • This deal has ended. But, wait! there is still plenty of information on Elixir on this page.

Boat of the Day: Elixir Catamaran

Model: 2008 Leopard Catamaran Refitted 2019

Location: Virgin Islands

New Owner Operators (but experienced crew!) offer fun charters for up to 6 guests

Elixir Catamaran $1000 discount. Jim and Sherry Shrove with Kerry

Reasonably priced at between $13,500 and $15,500 for 7 nights fully crewed and inclusive charters.

I GUARANTEE you will have a fun time with this crew!

If you are looking to check out the hot spots in the Virgin Islands and be able to snorkel, fish, Paddleboards or just float on noodles or mats with a drink in hand this is a casual fun boat for you to choose!

Check out my page on Elixir CatamaranElixir Catamaran

Secondary Online Brochure for ElixirSecondary Online Brochure for Elixir

Elixir is working through most of the summer 2020 in the Virgin Islands.  let’s get you signed up and on too can be wandering around Virgin Gorda doing some of our Top 12 Things to Do as well

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