BVI Yacht Charters Xmas 2020, and New Years’ catamarans between the sizes of 50′-55′. Updated June 28th, 2020

Xmas week charters are running from Saturday to Saturday this year, which is the 19th of December to the 26th of December. New Years’ vacations can start on and from the 27th of December. Some yachts who like a longer turn around have put a start date of the 28th or even the 29th for Virgin Islands New Years Charters 2020

The number of charter yachts available starts going up when we start going down in size.   We very much consider any boat over 50′ great for larger families, or for small groups who want more space.

These yachts are generally comfortable for two crew to run, and they give you most of the bang for the buck as the catamarans over 60′ but as not so high as a price.

Our video below is our large yachts which you can see available here

BVI Yacht Charters Xmas 2020- What does the cost include?

Remember that you are booking the most expensive weeks of the year. The yachts go out for the maximum number of guests and for seven nights too. You won’t find any discounts here for these weeks until you get to a week out anyways! Who wants to pick a yacht that has been left on the shelf that long?

Remember the prices I am giving you here are for the holiday week of 7 nights, rates as of today’s date for the maximum amount of guests onboard. 

Prices include the following:

  • All meals (according to your meal preferences and dietary needs)
  • Desserts
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Ship’s Standard Bar
  • Services of Captain and Chef
  • Private yacht for your group
  • All water toys on board
  • Fuel, Ice, Water, Moorings, etc

Prices may or may not include some SCUBA diving. Some SCUBA Diving Yachts include diving, some charge a bit extra.

SCUBA Yacht Charters- returning to the boat

BVI Yacht Charters Xmas 2020- What does the cost NOT include?

Prices do not include the following:

  • Crew Gratuity. Industry Standard 15-20% adjusted up or down depending on the service you feel that you have received
  • Any dockage that you choose during the week. The yachts tend to anchor, and that is where the beauty is, out in the anchorages.
  • Upgraded Liquor and Wine that is not in the yachts standard bar
  • Anything you choose to eat or drink onshore. I always recommend you spring for a Lobster Dinner out in Anegada one night if you go that way. Toes in the sand. Lobster on an open fire. Surefire hit.

Pick up would be either Tortola in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) or St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. All prices are in US Dollars.

Regular weeks ( Ie, not Xmas or New Years’) are, in all cases, priced lower, and based on the number of guests on board. Regular week prices are often much lower.

We are happy to set up a payment plan for your next year’s Holiday Charter, and yes, we do take credit cards🙂

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands, Deadman’s Bay

What are the top ten catamarans or BVI Yacht Charters Xmas 2020?

So I have about twenty! But let’s start with ten on this blog post anyways.

Yolo II 52′ Feet 2013 Lagoon Catamaran
Yolo II is featured in one of our “Boat of the Week” Blog posts
Sleeps 6 Guests in Three Queen-sized Cabins
Xmas: Booked New Years $24,150

MANNA 53 Feet. 2014 Royal Cape Catamaran. Offers SCUBA

Sleeps 8 Guests in One King, Two Queen Cabins, and One Double Cabin.
Xmas & New Years’ $25,000  Charter guests who just finished their charter on here LOVED the crew and guests!

OUI CHERIE 52 Feet. 2017 Lagoon Catamaran. Offers SCUBA

Sleeps 6 Guests in Three Queens
Xmas: $31,000 New Years $33,000

GRACE 52 Feet. 2020 Lagoon Catamaran Offers SCUBA

Sleeps 6 Guests in Three Queens and one Twin Cabin
Xmas: $32,000 Yacht is booked for New Years

Ocelot Feet. 2019 Lagoon 52 Catamaran Brand new into the fleet

Sleeps 8 Guests in Four Queens

Xmas week $29,000 New Year Week $33,000

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VENTANA 52 Feet. 2018 Lagoon Catamaran

Sleeps 10 Guests in Five Queen Cabins and One Twin
Xmas: $35,000 New Years $36,800

SOUTHERN COMFORT 52 Feet.  2017 Lagoon Catamaran Offers SCUBA

Sleeps 8 Guests in Four Queen Cabins
Xmas: $31,000 New Years $35,000

GAMBIT 51 Feet. 2008 Lagoon Offers SCUBA

Sleeps 8 Guests in Three Queens and One Twin Cabin
Xmas and New Years’ $24,600

CATATONIC 500 51 Feet. 2011 Lagoon Catamaran Offers SCUBA

Sleeps 6 Guests in Three Queen Cabins
Xmas: $22,000 New Years: $24,000

KARMA 50 Feet. 2020 Lagoon Catamaran Offers SCUBA

Sleeps 8 Guests in Four Queens
Xmas: $28,000 Booked both Xmas and New Years, we are taking bookings for 2021

What do these charter yachts have for toys and water toys onboard?

These yachts are pretty much at the top of the fully crewed and inclusive range as well, with plenty of toys and excellent service and cuisine. We still have most of the amenities that larger yachts have onboard.

  • Some standard amenities you may expect include
  • Large Tenders to get back and forth to shore
  • These tenders also pull wakeboards, water skis, banana boats, tubes, and kneeboards
  • Snorkeling gear and on some yachts SCUBA gear
  • Floating Mats, Lily Pads, Hammocks, Noodles
  • Fishing Gear (Some yachts DO NOT fish at all. This is an important aspect to talk to us about if you are a keen fisherman)
  • Paddleboards
  • Kayaks
  • Floatie toys
  • Wifi
BVI Yacht Charters Xmas 2020- Is a bar considered a toy? I think so!

More Amenities on your BVI Charter Catamaran

  • Movie Screens, Movies, Music Streaming
  • Gourmet and not so gourmet cuisine as you prefer
  • Fully stocked bars
  • BBQ
  • Ice makers
  • Air Conditioning
  • SCUBA diving Professionals
  • Beach Games
  • Theme Nights
BVI Yacht Charters Xmas 2020 Let’s play with all the toys

What are some of the best snorkeling spots in the BVI?

So let’s give you my top five snorkeling spots in the British Virgin Islands.

  1. The Indians. The Indians are by Norman Island and truly does look like an Indian Headdress appearing out of the water. There are very shallow spots, a swim through, and at the South East Point, tons and tons of fish. Always a lovely snorkel or dive and one that just about everyone heads too.
Indians Favorite & Best BVI Snorkeling Spots
Visit the fabulous snorkelling at the Indians
  1. DiamondBack Reef. This is what we have known as over the decades, but Diamond Reef seems to be the current name. This is off of Great Camanoe Island on the South East Point again, just off the channel looking over to Scrub Island and Marina Cay. The snorkeling is all in the shallows. Be careful of boat traffic there. Don’t wander out into the deep.
  2. On the Outside reef at Loblolly Bay, Anegada, when it is calm enough. If the wind or seas or up, don’t go on the outside. You can see fish that you never see anywhere else and LARGE conch. If you are not there, we default to anywhere around Conch Mountain on Anegada for snorkeling. Exceptionally clear water, lots of rays, turtles, and baby sharks.
  3. Salt Island. Yes, most snorkel the wreck of the Rhone. For my money, snorkeling at the anchorage is way better. From Manhead Point on the North East side all the way around to the Rhone if the seas are good. You will find Octopus, Permits, Squid, and a chance to pick up old sea glass as well in the shallows that roll up on the shore!
  4. In the shallows between Jost Van Dyke and Little Jost Van Dyke. If you want to see Turtles, this is the place to go!
BVI Yacht Charters Xmas 2020 Playing with Turtles!

Do you have other charter vacations available?

Indeed, we have smaller yachts, motor yachts, sailing yachts, mega yachts, and more in all areas of the world.

How do I book my BVI Yacht Charters Xmas 2020?

You can send us an inquiry through our quote form here

through the bottom of our yacht pages, or call Kerry or Stephanie on 1-954-271-3005.

So are you looking for more Virgin Island Holiday charter options? No problem! Use our yacht search to find more and fine-tune your perfect Caribbean vacation.


BVI Yacht Charters XMAS 2020.
Table setting for your yacht charter

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