Beyond the Reef Sharkplaneo Reef Art. Today let’s talk about the transformation and sinking of these three aircrafts in the British Virgin Islands. The third Reef Art Project from Beyond the Reef we are blogging about.

1) Kodiak Queen (Formerly YO-44 in WWII)

2) Willy T’s Pirate Ship. Sunk off Key Cay, Peter Island in 2019

3) Shark Planeo- Three planes turned into various sharks and sunk off Great Dog Island. Todays entry!

Beyond the Reef Sharkplaneo Reef Art
Beyond the Reef Sharkplaneo Reef Art

SharkPlaneo Reef Art- Great Dog Island

The planes consist of:

  1. Piper Navajo
  2. Piper Aztec
  3. Cessna 150

Two of them were damaged in Hurricane Irma in 2017, and the third one had an unfortunate accident. Commercial Dive Services and Beyond the Reef undertook a massive project to clean them up and turn them into a Bull, Hammerhead, and Reef Shark!

All the ragged edges of the teeth were covered with Epoxy. This way curious divers who stuck there head inside the mouth for photo opportunities would not hurt themselves.

Beyond The Reef Sharplane Dive Site BVI
Look at this teeth!

Where is the Beyond the Reef Sharkplaneo Reef Art located?

SharkPlaneo landed at South Side on the Island of Peter Island. She sets in 40-45′ of water, with mooring balls above it for yachts to tie up to. It is possible to see it while snorkeling, but better under SCUBA. It is located in an area called the Coral Gardens.

There is a nominal charge of $5.00 per person, which your Captain on your yacht charter will collect from you, or you can donate directly to Beyond The Reef online.

Beyond the Reef Sharkplaneo Reef Art
Beyond the Reef Sharkplaneo Reef Art
Beyond the Reef Sharkplaneo Reef Art
Beyond the Reef Sharkplaneo Reef Art During the building stage

How Can I visit Beyond the Reef Sharkplaneo Reef Art SCUBA sites?

We at H2O Luxury Yachts are happy to set you up with charter yachts that also offer SCUBA diving on board.  We are uniquely qualified as SCUBA Instructors ourselves.

It is also possible to dive the wrecks with Rendez-vous diving and one of the local dive stores.

They will pick you up from your yacht at anchor, take you to the wreck site, and then back to your boat.

Sharkplaneo Beyond The Reef
Sharkplaneo Beyond The Reef

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