Bequia Yacht Charters Stay & Sail. Looking to spend some time on the stunning island of Bequia in The Grenadines? If you are flying to the Southern Caribbean spend an extra day or two on the lovely island of Bequia We can arrange for either a crewed or bareboat to pick you up straight there! Step from the beach docks onto your yacht.

Visiting Bequia-Stay and Sail

Grenada Charter Yacht Show arranged a FAM trip for us on the 35.5 M Benetti, Star of the Sea, which took us from Port Louis Marina in Grenada up to the Canouan to view over the $250 million dollar Glossy Bay marina under construction backed by Irishman Dermot Desmond. We then carried up to Princess Margaret Beach at Bequia and took a taxi ride over to the Bequia Beach Hotel on the windward side of Bequia.  There, we spent several enjoyable days touring the hotel properties, seeing the sites, enjoying the beaches, meeting the people, and going over to St Vincent to Grenadine House, also the same owner as above.


Wonderful Hotel Staff on Bequia

The company and personnel truly went above and beyond welcoming us at the Bequia Beach Hotel. When we arrived in Bequia it was quite late, I think about 9 PM or later, but Gideons Taxi picked us up with Fresh Water after unloading our luggage from Star of the Sea Motor Yacht.

We were greeted by General Manager Isola and the reception staff with a big smile. The staff unloaded our luggage into our rooms, which were all beachfront and beside each other. The Hotel even remembered that I had an allergy to a protein in fresh fruits and vegetables so I happily had cake 🙂

bequia beach hotel
Bequia Beach Hotel

Fruit plates, chilled water and ice, and cake were all in our gorgeous beachfront rooms! In a splendid uncommon touch, they refilled our ice buckets every day without us asking. Very nice to come home too after a warm afternoon out on the island.

After we ooohed and aaahed we were all happy to drift off into a blissful sleep. I slept so well that I was late for my 11 AM appointment for the hotel tour.

Touring the Bequia Beach Resort

The property is the only 4-star property on Bequia with a room type for everyone. From Classic Rooms to Beachfront Suites to Luxury Estate Villas…that yes, even have a separate kitchen and storage for your Butler or chef! After our tour it was time to head over to Jacks Bar, which is also owned by Bequia Beach Hotel where I had the best Fresh Snapper Sandwich that I have…well, ever had!  

Jack's Beach Bar Bequia
Jack's Beach Bar Bequia

Island tours, shopping, and more were on our agenda. We had a lot of fun roaming the main streets of Bequia doing a bit of shopping and getting some essentials. 

We enjoyed a dinner at Bagatelle, Bequia’s fine dining restaurant on the beach, and did a bit of shopping in Beach Bums, an exclusive clothing line inside the Bequia Beach hotel. We enjoyed our time on Bequia, and can’t wait to send our clients to be charmed by Isola, Ali, and Clinton (among other staff) as well.

Bequia Yacht Charters Stay & Sail