Bareboat Catamaran Review Saba 49.9 Fountaine Pajot

Sail this Saba 49.9 Christophine II out of Tortola, British Virgin islands after reading our bareboat catamaran review.

We had one week sailing onboard Dream Yacht Charters Christophine II. Christophine II is a six-cabin and six washroom model with six washrooms.

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, Bareboat Captain Review
White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, Bareboat Catamaran Review. Come hang out!

Dream Yacht Charters Base Review

Located at Scrub Island, just East of Trellis Bay and the airport on Beef Island ( EIS) in the British Virgin Islands, Dream Yacht Charters is one of the larger charter companies offering bareboat chartering in the world.

H2O Luxury Yachts had three weeks sailing the British Virgin Islands. You can read the review of our previous Lagoon 500 catamaran here.

Our previous yachts had been out of Roadtown on the main island of Tortola. The location of Scrub Island is a bit problematic.

One of the negatives for me is the location of the base. It entails taking a ferry that comes approximately every hour or so from Trellis Bay to Scrub Island.

Trellis Bay is not CLOSE to much besides the airport and the ferry. That means you have to provision elsewhere and take cabs and if you are staying overnight but not at the base, you have to consider that as well.

Scrub Island Dream yacht Charters Base
Dream Yacht Charter Base, Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands, Bareboat Catamaran Review

Most people may not have fishing gear, SCUBA tanks and gear and more that they need to consider from this location as we did.

Our group ended being behind seventy-five people for the ferry. Then the rain came! (Of course, it did)

Scrub Island is lovely; what a pleasure of a tropical setting and a great trip started here.

The water was crystal clear and azure. Here at the base, you pay your cruising taxes, etc. in cash as well as any extras you may want on board. There were no paddleboards left the day we went out.

A good thing to consider is you cannot rent kayaks through the base because of liability issues, so going through one of the coastal toy rental stores like BVI Watertoys is helpful.

Overall Impression of the Saba 49 catamaran compared to the Lagoon 500 catamaran

You could certainly tell the higher quality throughout this yacht comparatively

In most ways, I like the Fountaine Pajot better than the Lagoon 500 for my comparison bareboat catamaran review

  1. I loved having a counter that separated the galley from the living saloon area. The cook did not have to move as much to let guests in and out.
  2. The Lagoon had better counter space as far as laying out the food buffet style.
  3. The showers on this boat were a mixture of wet and dry. Dry means they have a separate shower stall, and the entire washroom does not get wet. Don’t get too excited though, as there still is not that much water storage, however, with this yacht having a water maker that worked all week adequately; we did not notice it.
  4. This yacht did not have an ice maker. That was a bummer, and again, the cockpit coolers don’t last that long.

More Impressions of this Bareboat Catamaran Review

  1. The flybridge is more extensive on this model.
  2. The tender does not come up to “hide the views” on the davits from the cockpit. That makes a huge difference in enjoyment while sitting in the cockpit. Cocktails and sunset from the back deck work much better with a view.
  3. The Saba catamaran has more variety in Cabins. Still, the same situation where the two cabins in the middle of the boat were more suited for children or a small couple; however, each cabin did have its washroom.
  4. Christophine II had manual winches for the tender and headsail. The main had a power winch.
  5. The visibility on the Saba, once you had the headsail up, was worse than the Lagoon Catamaran. You had a much better range of vision from the upper helm on the Lagoon.

Christophine II has three fridges and just one smaller freezer on it. The Freezer on the Lagoon 500 was better. The one of here was quite piddly! (Is that a word?)

Christophine II could improve with the addition of an ice machine and a larger freezer. The small fridge in the cockpit would have served us better if it was an ice maker, as it did not fit much in it as a fridge.

How do I get booked on this or a similar catamaran?

Let’s talk and see whether a bareboat catamaran is right for you! We can even supply a Captain if you require or want one for these larger catamarans.

Take a look at our sample itinerary for ideas on where you can sit with a pina colada in hand.

Read our review on a Lagoon 500 Catamaran here

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We hope you enjoyed this Bareboat Catamaran Review and look for our other yacht reviews!

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